Frequently Asked Questions


Answer:  All people  are welcome even if they have never practiced yoga. All of our yoga sessions are fun, somewhat challenging, but accessible to all students; newbies to advanced practioners.

2. "Is the daily schedule rigorous?  I'm moreso thinking, will we be getting up at the crack of dawn practicing yoga?  I'm really looking for a space to unwind + relax + be outdoors + just want to know if we'll have scheduled things all day or if it's more lax?"

Answer:  This retreat is all yours. Our mission is to create a space to tap into all the things you mentioned, chillaxing..etc, and also provide opportunities to explore and connect with nature (via hiking, surfing, animal rescue, swimming, sunbathing...), yourself (via yoga,  meditation, workshops, journaling...) and others- group meals, visiting the community around us and other activities. We do have activities planned some days but ALL of them are optional; Not mandatory but encouraged. What we have experienced is the greater the group participation the greater and more satisfying  the retreat experience is for everyone

3.  "If I am traveling solo who will I be rooming with?"

Answer: Great question! All of Cashew Hill’s unique, stand-alone cottages are shared with three or more people. We group people based on a couple things. Gender: we will match people of the same sex. There has been situations in the past where we have an odd number of men and woman in which case we will ask a few people if they are comfortable rooming with someone of a different gender. Vibe: we know almost all of the students that attend our retreats and when matching up roommates we trust our instincts and knowledge of our students in selecting who will room with who. Of all the retreats we have completed, the people we have paired have never had a problem. It is one of our goals to keep an open and accepting environment at all times.

4.  "Will there be wifi at the resort?"

Answer: Yes there is but I don't know how reliable it is. As part of this retreat we ask all of our students to adhere to a week long "digital detox" meaning; use your technology as little as possible. We understand if you need to check-in with love ones or work etc. If you do all we ask you to please keep it to a minimum. and when and if you do pick up your "phone" please do so away from the rest of the group allowing others to maintain their detox and to avoid temptations. (thank you!) Please feel free to contact Avani at Cashew Hill to ask about their wifi:

5. What if I'm not a vegetarian? 

Although Cashew Hill only offers vegetarian meals, there are non vegetarian options just 3 blocks away including meat and fresh fish. 

6. Do you have a payment plan?

Answer: Yes! And it works like this, only three payments, the $500 Deposit then two final payments that will split your remaining balance. Last payment due January 17, 2017.

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