Experience Mission: Haiti

July 21-27, 2018

The Yoga Adventure is proud to invite you to serve on a life-changing mission trip!

Come be part of something much bigger than a week-long project in Haiti as you join local Haitians in life and ministry. On your mission trip to Haiti, your team will get a glimpse of the challenges people face—including poverty, injustice, and corruption. Despite staggering unemployment rates, failed international charity efforts, and the lingering effects of the 2010 earthquake, you’ll meet Haitian people who are resilient and have found hope.

Short-term teams on Haiti mission trips have the chance to make a long-term impact by supporting ministries and local leaders who are stepping up and seeking progress for their communities. Your team will follow the lead of local Haitian staff who not only coordinate the details of mission trips but also oversee the EM Education Program in Haiti to help youth in their community through scholarships.

As your team serves through work projects and children’s ministry, you’ll be an encouragement and practical support to everyone working behind the scenes. Will you come and experience the joys and challenges of life in this unique culture?


Our Partners

Experience Mission:

Meaningful Work

EM staff and community partners constantly come face to face with people living in poverty who feel powerless to change their lives for the better. Ultimately, our goal is to empower them to take control of their own lives. Everyone should have the opportunity for meaningful work to build a decent life for themselves and their families, and our vision for Community Empowerment is to help real people gain the resources and relational support they need to move into a place of strength.

Local Vision

The truth is that, in every under-served community, poverty and the challenges that come with it are extremely complex. There aren't easy solutions, so our strategy is always to connect with local leaders who know the community firsthand and are striving to help those around them. We work with them to understand their vision for their community, and we seek to utilize our network to help as we can.


How To Get Involved

Personal Investment

Sign Me Up!

1.)    The cost of the trip is $1,500 (includes plane ticket, fee to Experience Mission, 3 daily meals while there and transportation)

2.)    Trip is from Saturday July 21st to Friday July 27th, 2018

3.)    We will be flying from JFK to Haiti on JetBlue Flight #935 on July 21st at 6am, and returning to JFK from Haiti on JetBlue Flight# 1834 on 7/27 at 3pm

4.)   If you are interested, email us at theyogaadventure@gmail.com. $200 deposit, via PayPal required to book. Full payment due June 1, 2018

5.)    Every team member must fill out a Team Member Application. You have two options to do this, online applications or paper applications. Team members will need to have the following items on hand when filling out their applications:

  • Your assigned 4-Digit Team ID number to fill out their application, which is a four-digit number that was sent in a confirmation e-mail upon completion of the registration process.
  • Insurance information
  • Passport information (for international trips)

Here is the link: experiencemission.org/teammemberapp

Click the link on the page to start the application.  You should CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Follow the prompts that include inputing your TeamID (our TeamID is 3087), selecting a Username & Password and filling in your personal information.  Team members must complete these online applications no later than 30 days prior to the start of your mission trip.

COUNTRY ENTRANCE FEE-  There is a $10 or $20 cash entrance fee to enter the country

REQUIRED!! BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR ADULTS-  A Criminal Background Check (national and state) is required for all participants 18 and older. Background checks need to be recent (run within the last 3 years), and Experience Mission does not keep records on file from year-to-year, so new ones must be submitted to EM before each mission trip. Background checks are run and paid for by the individual coming to serve.



Is Experience Mission affiliated with a denomination? Experience Mission is an interdenominational organization and is not directly affiliated with any specific denomination. Participants from all denominations are welcome on our mission trips; please see our statement of faith and core values in the About section of our website for more information about our beliefs.

Immunizations? As with all mission trips, it is essential that volunteers are up to date on all childhood immunizations. Each volunteer must also have a tetanus shot. 

All medical care is the sole responsibility of the team member. Experience Mission requires every team member to be covered by domestic medical insurance and recommends that team members traveling abroad carry additional international travel insurance to cover any medical needs their domestic medical insurance may not cover. 

Documentation Requirements For domestic travel, customers over the age of 18 must present government-issued photo identification that includes a tamper resistant feature, name, date of birth, gender, and expiration date. Documents required for international travel vary according to country of travel, citizenship, residency, age, length of stay, purpose of visit, etc., and customers should contact the embassy or consulate in their destination country for all documentation requirements, including proof of return or onward travel. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required documentation for travel. JetBlue reserves the right to deny boarding to anyone without proper documentation and is not responsible for any failure by you to have the required documentation for entry into a foreign country or return into the United States.


Don't see your question here? Feel free to reach out to Aron.Carter@pwod.com -or-  Call the EM Office: (888) 475-6414