Past Retreats

Wow! We can't believe how quickly time has flown since our debut retreat in July 2104. Here is brief history of all of our retreats. All of these smiling faces from such wonderful people continually fuels our efforts to create a yoga retreat that is deeply connected and a fun experience. Funful!

Fall HikeDay, Poughkeepsie, NY
October 2018

HikeDay Group Oct 2018_enhanced.jpg

HikeDay to Poughkeepsie, NY
October 2018

Our third HikeDay was a blast. This hike we chose to head to Poughkeepsie, NY. This turned out to be a 8-9mile day where we tackled various terrain. The start and the closing of the hike was we walking over the longest bridge in the world “Walkway over the Hudson” build all the way back in 1889. Once off the Bridge we trekked a few more miles through Franny Reese State Park with the fresh fall foliage covering our path with newly fallen leaves. It was gorgeous. Closing out the day with delicious food and libations at Mahoney’s Irish Pub inside the old Vassar Brewery.


Spring HikeDay - Peekskill, NY

Hikeday, May2018, Anthony’S Nose, Peekskill, NY

May2018 - HikeDay to Anthony's Nose in Peekskill New York: 37 courageous hikers enjoyed a seven mile hike, and chillaxed at the peak with some rest, yoga, meditation, and breath-work.

We closed out this adventure at the Peekskill Brewery where celebrated our conquest. This was a strong hike up to the “Nose” at 1000ft. We were really proud of everyone completing the journey. What a fantastic day!! Here is a look at all the fun we had. May2018 - HikeDay Photos:


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 2018


What a retreat!! This was TYA’s first time in Costa Rica and are looking to going back. From the lush jungle landscapes, the beautiful beaches and the chill nature of Om at Cashew Hill, our tribe feel in love with the Pura Vida vibes and the with each other.  What a wonderful time and a great success!

 Fall HikeDay to Anthony's Nose, October 2017


Fall Yoga Feild Trip

Peekskill, NY 2017

October 14, 2017, our first HIkeDay ever where we conquered Anthony's Nose in Peekskill New York: 44 courageous hikers enjoyed a seven mile hike and then celebrated our accomplishments at the Peekskill Brewery! What a fantastic day!! 


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2017

Yoga | Nature | Friends


Xinalani Yoga Retreat Center, Banderas Bay


Our excursion to Xinalani Retreat Center was The Yoga Adventures sixth retreat and was it memorable! Our team demonstrated a real sense of adventure as we traversed the week on horseback, boat, bus and foot. From the infamous "tribe building exercises" to howling at the moon our group sealed a bond almost immediately. But that's partly what a TYA adventure is all about.

We always take it a step further and teach our students and demonstrate unique ways to handle the world. As a tribe we journeyed through fishing towns, walked jungle paths, met our ancestors at the doors of a traditional indian sweat lodge and danced the "Bugaloo." ("What's that you say?"). 

This week was a time to sample an array of yoga practices and for some it was their first time. We experienced kundalini kriyas, restorative, vinyasa and chakra flow yoga offering a complete cleanse of body and mind. The food was beautifully delicious, the facilities were jaw droppingly spectacular.

Like all adventures this one came to an end as the as next one is soon to begin. We hope you join us on our next retreat.


Taconic Forest NY, June 2016


Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center

Aromatic Yoga Immersion

We love the vibe and the community feel of Pumpkin Hollow so much that we went back again. But this time we did something a little different. We brought in the founders and expertise of Aroma-VedaValdet Demiri and Naomi Edwards, to lead and teach our community the value and functionality of Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine.  

We learned and discovered our individual dosha matrix, how they affect our lives, the powerful effects of essential oils and how to weave all their greatness into our daily practices and our lives. Throughout the long-weekend all of our practices of yoga and meditations were infused with this wisdom making this retreat a unique and profound experience. 

When we weren't practicing we took a challenging hike up to the Appalachian trail and took in a truly vista view of the notorious Berkshires. There was plenty time for our mostly New York tribe to relax into Pumpkin Hollow's natural surroundings and take in the the serenity of its gentle flowing stream. 

Special thanks to the Caroline, Loren and the entire team that makes PH what it is; I little slice of heaven in the forest. 


Guatemala, February 2016

Isle Verde Retreat Center on Lake Atitlan


Preparing for this retreat we kept reading this place was "Eden on Earth" and to be honest we were skeptical. But after the first day we began to experience just why it's been given this name. From the mountainous and Volcanic surroundings, to the flowers hanging over Isle Verde's open-air yoga shala and to the deep-blue water of Lake Atitlan, we were impressed and in awe of its beauty. 

We brought something a little different to this retreat. Discovered within the creative energies of the New York City's Russian-Turkish Bath House, we were turned onto a new ethos. We call it the "Tri-Be". Throughout the week, all 23 of us journeyed through connecting to ourselves, nature and others. 

We connected with ourselves threw daily gratitude journaling, meditations, our asana practice, food contemplation and in many small and personal ways as well. With all the natural beauty around us it was easy to connect to nature but as always we took it up a notch. So we added, a hike to the 9900 foot peak of San Pedro. This was quite a trip. We were told should take us about five hours round-trip but our group crushed in in seven hours instead. And the nature party didn't stop there. By mid-week we took the group on a kayaking, cliff jumping and hike. It was incredible!

One of the things that TYA prides itself on are the deep bonds and friendship that are created on our retreats. We create this feeling of community and connections with "others" through our requested Digital Detox, our 'no-clique policy', and workshops such as Laughter yoga and the "Buguloo."

We also expand beyond our group and get into the local community. On Lake Atitlan we took an afternoon and did a hop-and-shop. We rented a boat and went to three different towns on the lake; eating, shopping for the local garments and what-nots and connecting to the the Mayan people from this special place 

By the end of the week, none of us wanted to go home. Memorable indeed! #CuddlePuddleForever.

 TYA makes a promise to all of you; we will go back to "Eden on Earth". Its looking like 2019 or maybe sooner! Stay tuned and stayed connected. 



 Taconic Forest, NY,  May 2015

It was time to give our community another opportunity to "Disconnect to Reconnect" within our infamous Digital Detox. After doing our research we took a chance and are so glad we booked with Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center. What a special place! Mountains of lush forest, streams, waterfalls and the tranquility of being in nature made this experience one that our group will never forget.

Throughout the long weekend we connected on all levels. Ourselves through various yoga practices, meditations, Laughter Yoga, workshops and other fun and intentional modalities. We took in the serenity and the silent wisdom of nature by hiking and meditating with Mother Nature. And as always we kept the group super tight and witnessed the formation of new friendship.

Our Digital Detox experience has always proven to be a great way to connect to all things. By letting go of our often bothersome technology for a few days or at the very least significantly reducing its infiltration into our lives, opens seemingly a whole new world that much of humanity has forget. It is beautiful to witness our community fall into themselves, nature and others when technology is tucked away for a few days. We always ask one simple question when offering this type of retreat. "Are you in control of your technology or is your technology in control of you...?"  Maybe its time for you to check in with that and if you have trouble answering and need help figuring where you are in the digital age, step away and join us next time.

And last but not least, an abundance of thanks to Pumpkin Hollow; Caroline, Loren and their team of volunteers for making this retreat a memorable experience.


Nicaragua, February 2015

Sunset Laughter pic.jpg

Buena Vista Surf Club, Playa Maderas


This was our FIRST international retreat and what a huge success. Nineteen of us decided to escape the cold winter of the Northeast and head to the warm beaches and sunshine of Nicaragua. We booked out the exclusive Buena Vista Surf Club that served as the perfect launch pad for a week-long adventure.

Most of our group learned to surf the pristine break of Playa Madras. We took a day to also zip-line and rappel. Hiked through one of the cutest towns (and up its mountain) I've ever been to, San Juan del Sur. When we weren't sharpening our yoga skills or adventuring funfully, we hit the beach, just chilled, took in the local food and flavor and got to really know one another. 

It was because of this retreat that we knew TYA was real and we had something powerful and unique to offer the yoga community. The energy of this initial retreat still fuels our efforts.

BVSC proved to be an incredible place for our guest. We can not thank them enough. The food was terrific, our little treehouse cabanas were cute and comfortable and the nature surrounding us made it even more magical. When was the last time you were awakened by the sounds of Howler Monkeys...? 


Rosenburg, NY July 2014

Sky Lake Lodge

Digital Detox

Our very first retreat, it's always the most precious. Zander and I decided to give people the opportunity to experience a Digital Detox and "disconnect to reconnect" through a long weekend in the beautiful landscapes of upstate New York. This was a smashing success. We had a wonderful group of 15 students that decided to come along for a weekend full of yoga, various meditations, hiking, cliff jumping, games and connecting with other wonderful people.  

Through his experience we began to shape our retreat ethos and understand what makes it a transformative and memorable. The key elements we discovered were; Community (getting people to connect with people), Digital Detox, adventure and the practices of yoga. On this adventure we actually had a "Give up your phone for the weekend" ceremony (if the student so desired) and sealed their phones in a plastic zip-lock bag and handed them over for the weekend. It worked.